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""The Goddess is the intelligent embodied love that is the ground of all being." Carol P. Christ

Carol P. Christ holds a Ph.D. from Yale and is Director of Ariadne Institute and Adjunt Professor at California Institute of Integral Studies. She has been guiding tours in Crete for 20 years and is an expert on the archaeology, culture, and religion of ancient Crete and  the traditional culture of Crete. She is a member of the Gournia archaeological study team and is founding voice in the study of women and religion. Her knowledge, insight, wisdom, laughter, and love for all things Cretan will inspire your journey.


Carol has taught at Columbia University, San Jose State, Pomona College, Harvard Divinity School, and Claremont Graduate School. She is the author of Goddess and God in the World, Rebirth of the Goddess, She Who Changes, Laughter of Aphrodite, Odyssey with the Goddess (republished as A Serpentine Path), and Diving Deep and Surfacing, and is co-editor of Weaving the Visions and Womanspirit Rising. A dual citizen of Greece and the US, Carol lives in Greece, speaks Greek fluently, and has run for office in regional and national elections with the Green Party in Greece.

"I could have travelled for many years and not learned as much as I did with Carol." Nancy Bakas, USA

Mika Scott is Co-Director of Ariadne Institute and Co-Leader of the fall Goddess Pilgrimage to Crete. She runs the Ariadne office and answers questions about the tours. A licensed massage therapist, she lives on and cares for wild land outside Eugene, Oregon. She has acted in, directed, and produced the Vagina Monologues. Mika returned from her first pilgrimage glowing in the knowledge of a time when women's wisdom was honored and delighted to discover that her vision of a peaceful and just world has roots in ancient Crete.


Elizabeth Chloe Erdmann, co-Director of Ariadne Institute in 2014, is Co-Leader on the spring tour. She has a M.T.S. in theology from Boston University and is a Ph.D. student in Study of Religions at University College, Cork, Ireland. She writes about Nomadic Theology, a feminist spiritual path with no borders and no boundaries.  She is a priestess of sacred mysteries. Read her "Goddess Pilgrimage: A Way to Keep Feminist Sparks Flying Without Burning Out."

Cristina Nevans has been co-leading the pilgrimage for many years and will assist as needed. She is a landscape architect who lives near her beloved mountain Lykabettos in Athens and also part of the year in Istanbul where she owns and manages the Hotel Empress Zoe with her sister. The Goddess Pilgrimage changed her life in many dramatic ways. She finds nature to be her greatest souce of inspiration and equanimity. She is a Buddhist interested in female Bodhisattvas.

Ariadne Insititute for the Study of Myth and Ritual, Ltd., is a 501c3 non-profit educational and charitable organization. If you appreciate the work we are doing, you can send a tax deductible (US) contribution to our scholarship fund to Ariadne Institute, P.O. Box 5053, Eugene, Oregon 97405, USA.

Academic credit for Ariadne Institute Programs is available through California Institute of Integral Studies, an accredited US university. Ask for details.


Ariadne Institute thanks Kay Keys who graciously managed the Ariadne website for a decade, Andrea Sarris, Derek Sutton, Barbara Smith, Michael Honegger (photo of Carol on Carol's Words), and Timothy Jay Smith for web help, Andrea Sarris (photo of Carol here), Diane Gruppe Marshall, Susan Conniff, and Elizabeth Chloe Erdmann for other photographs, and Lydia Smith for outreach ideas.

"Carol's tour of Crete is a Goddess education and a blessing." Mara Keller, Women's Spirituality Program, CIIS

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